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Directing Sci-fi/ VFX

Creating a new fantastic world needs lots of ideas and lots of patient

I have always been fascinated by the magic you can create with a film. Through sci-fi, I am able to address the controversial sides of society by projecting them into the future.

Fiction gives me the chance to show the possibilities of change and ask many questions about our life, which we often refuse to face.  To me, science fiction and fantasy films are a mirror to our real world and social problems we experience. It is a metaphor, reflecting our own problems inside of different worlds, isolated from our everyday routine. 

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I don't know

satire short film

In the short film, "I don't know" I worked with different personalities and faced a challenge to integrate them all together in one frame. One actor - 7 personalities.
it was important to me to show a different side of the young indecisive person. 
The story also has an additional character, a mysterious universe, embodied in a human, sitting there, handling people's wishes and problems, a mysterious force, which should have to help us make decisions. 
Her world doesn't have time, the objects hanging in the air, white space, white interface. A small world-building, created to make her world surrealistic and chaotic.

Science-fiction feature film concept 


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It will make you a good human

In the new world, where aliens and humans live together with the help of social credit devices, named hellebore, a new alien arrives on Earth to become a human.


Shooting day for the night was important to create a feeling of locked eyeball alien planet world, where the day and night don't exist. 

Day for night shots


Logo development

Every detail is important, every logo has its story. In these three logos, we see a new "police rangers" logo:

E.T.L.D- extraterrestrial legal department. P. Richard Station is a logo for a colony on an eyeball planet.

And the "made on Earth" Logo is placed on almost every product, manufactured on earth.