Mom, I’m thinking about becoming a film director.

(busy, typing on her computer)
Oh, dear, isn’t that usually a job for men?

Alright. I’ll go ask Dad.

Alright. He is in the kitchen,
cooking lasagna for dinner.

It all began when my parents purchased a TV, and I discovered a channel called „Cosmos TV.“

Every morning, I would rise earlier than my family and sneak into the kitchen to watch a new film. The charm of this channel was the unpredictability—you never knew what kind of movie awaited you. You know that feeling when everything seems somewhat monotonous, and then a movie brings color, music, and life into your world? The MAGIC.

In 2014, I left Minsk and moved to Berlin. Soon after that, in 2016, I was awarded an FES scholarship for my bachelor studies in time-based media in Mainz. As my mom often jokes,

“You flew out of the nest like a chick and have been soaring across Europe like a rocket ever since.”

Later, I earned a DAAD scholarship to pursue my master’s degree in directing and acting in London, where I had the chance to create films and music videos. Since 2020, I’ve been working independently as a director, producer, and screenwriter. My projects range from commercials to music videos, and I’ve also managed various NGO projects. 

In my work, I strive to capture perceptions from both Western and Eastern European perspectives.