Who am I

Mom, I think I want to be a film director

Slavic MOM
Oh that’s lovely dear, but I think its a mans job

Do the jobs have a gender 0_0?

Well, it all started when my parents bought the TV and I started to watch a channel called „Cosmos TV“.

​Every morning, I got up earlier than my family and sneaked into the kitchen to watch a new film. The clue on this channel was, you never knew what kind of movie you were about to watch. You know the feeling, that everything seems to be sort of monotone, and then you watch the movie and suddenly see the color, hear the music and life creeps into you? The magic.
Since then, I couldn’t stop watching films. I went to theater school and studied theater. I learned languages by watching films. I went to study graphic design and worked with pictures, color and I learned to visualize the worlds I have in my mind. The magic of stories told in films and impossible things shown there motivated me to see more, to move forward, to be strong, to create and discover the world around me.
I left my country at the age of 19 and decided to start my creative life in Germany. Since then I wanted to create stories, which related to our life, which create magic and color and which helps us to see something, you might have never seen before. I want to portray the abstract side of our life through a movie.