Hellebore sci-fi teaser

This project started as a big adventure story on the paper.
So in my bachelor graduation project i dedicated to work on world building and develop a new world, through visuals of VFX. We created the new planet with their flora and fauna. Sadly, due to the fund shortage, I decided to make only a small teaser and present some type of the visualized world of other planet of the main character.

Hellebore – a science fiction live action movie concept about a new world, where “earthling” describes all nationalities and aliens are accepted as normal immigrants. The future, where people have developed a social point system, integrated into the device “Hellebore”. The device is considered a central part of the integration rules on Earth. Our two main characters, Rick and Tay, are two aliens, who dream of becoming earthlings. But things change, however, when Ricks Hellebore stops working properly.

Working with VFX
It was a challenging project, where I learned how to work with VFX team and create a new world, which hard to imagine when you only see the green screen. It was a completely different workflow, and also a very difficult and challenging one. Looking at the renders, discussing the scene without seen the final result. I worked with many talented people, who welcomed me in the new world of special effects.

Country: Germany
Year: 2019