Papa Anruf

The 5-minute comedy opens with a phone call from her father (Mr. Conspiracy) during the start of lockdown. The girl calls out his skeptical behavior, albeit jovial. The film follows their regular phone conversations throughout the year, amidst a hysterical mainstream media. The father targets Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, scrutinizing his Windows software viruses. The girl acts as a comedy “straight-man” to her father’s outrageous, yet popular, beliefs. ‘Papa Anruf’ satirizes the pandemic to an extreme, showcasing a time jump to 2035 when lockdown is still in force. A highly entertaining short.

Director: Veronika Bolotina

Writer: Ryan Wichert, Veronika Bolotina

Cast: Ryan Wichert, Veronika Bolotina

Producer(s): Veronika Bolotina

Director of Photography: Antony Jole

Animation: Vision Frame

Sound: Justus Riechers,Nick Sounidis,Paul Ziesche

Music: Paolo Capponi

Genre: Comedy

Country: Germany Language

German Year: 2021