Used – Eleven Days

Memories, dreams & reality

This music video is the story of the girl, who is the prisoner of her relationship memories. She suffers from the break-up and spent time in the colorful, love full memories of the 11 days of quarantine in Spain. However, her dream is slowly being interrupted by the band members USED, reminding her to wake up and face the reality and move on.

The song was written about the boy experiencing the break-up, but I thought it is uncommon to show it from a female perspective. The female break-up is rarely portrayed in the media. And if, then it shows only her suffering and not the ability to close the chapter.

In this video, her memories sort of underline the stereotypical perception of reality through the pink glasses, which turn into the loop of the music song, and she is eventually breaking free from it.

All of us have experienced a rough breakup. You might reflect for a day or two, or even 11, but the reality is that life goes on. And maybe sometimes you need some good music to realize it :)

Director: Veronika Bolotina

Cast: Karina Rudi, Jose Artero

Producer: Virginia Mercedes

Director of Photography: Kian Altmann

Editor(s): Yannic Nixdorf

Band: USED twins

Country: Germany/Spain

Year: 2022